Trailer Spotting

Spotting/Shag Services, Yard Management

Preferred Cartage operates yard tractors, also known as terminal tractors, to efficiently shuttle trailers in and out of your shipping and receiving facilities. The short wheelbase tractors are equipped with scissor lift 5th wheels that allow for non-stop movement in order to maximize production in any condition. Typically the tractors in these types of applications are used on the facility premises only; however, we have approved models for moving trailers short distances on public roads.

There are many advantages to using Preferred Cartage as your in-house carrier. Common yields consist of:


  • Swift movements creating higher production levels
  • Available resources and equipment
  • Decrease in investment and overhead
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Dependable and dedicated service
  • Professional representation

We currently serve customers in production and distributing industries by transferring capacities in excess of 300 units per day. Operators are trained and managed to handle high volumes of movements throughout the scheduled work day. Equipment is operated respectfully, safely, and proficiently.

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